Earn Money Staying at Home

There are many People who want to earn while being at home as they do not want to go out for work.
Lets see how they can earn while being at home, by just using the internet:

Freelance Writing:

You can start writing online as freelance writer, they can not only write for various websites and blogs but also contribute their writings to magazines and newspapers of their interest that pay for the articles and feature stories.

They can compose or ask any one at home who can compose for them and e-mail their writings to the newspapers, magazines and websites.

Just to give you an idea, a 500 word blog is paid at Rs. 200 to Rs. 800, depending on the type and quality of content.

You can read some online books and materials about writing such as people wishing to add an extra income stream can visit http://www.elance.com (for Freelance) and reserve seats to get a chance to be included in the Jan 30th session.

http://wordpl.net/ is another good website to learn the skill of getting freelance work.and also this website is one of the best to earn money :--

There are many that you can try!

Do Business from Home:

If you are good at designing dresses, stitching or embroidery etc then you can start your business right away – make a Facebook page.

Alternatively, if you know some of web development, you can have your own website for the purpose.

Upload the images of your dresses along with their prices and mention the sizes of dresses and your contact number so that people can place their orders. You can even sell your paintings and crafts etc. too

Teach online:

If you are good at teaching you can provide tuition via internet. All you need to do is to make a webpage/blog or even Facebook page and a youtube account. Record and upload lectures and send the recorded lectures to those online students who pay you in advance for your lectures.

They can also ask someone at home to assist you in this. So grab your mic and start teaching online!
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